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Consumer Scam Alert! LPI Offers Lightning Protection Guidelines to Help Protect Homeowners Against Fraudulent Contractors

…February 8, 2016 — Authorities in several mid-west counties in the U.S. are warning homeowners about men posing as lightning rod subcontractors who scheme unsuspecting victims into paying money for unsolicited repair work.

According to the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin, the fraudulent contractors operate the scam by targeting homes with lightning protection systems, telling the owners that it looks like they’ve been victims of a recent strike, and advising that their “lightning rods will be in need of replacement.”  The fraudulent contractors then offer to handle the repairs on the spot or come back to perform them at a later time.

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Loehr Wins High Honors at National Federation of Press Women Conference

…ANCHORAGE, Alaska – September 14, 2015 — Kimberly Loehr, communications director for the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), was awarded five journalism awards in the 2015 National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) Communications Contest.  Loehr was also named runner-up in the Contest Sweepstakes, receiving a $150 cash prize. NFPW president, Teri Ehresman presented the awards and Sweepstakes check to Loehr at the NFPW Communications Conference Awards Banquet in Anchorage on September 12.

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Enlightenment about Lightning Protection Terms (Decoding the code jargon!)

…Every profession and field of endeavor subscribes to its own jargon, which can be a source of serious frustration for those unfamiliar with the insider lingo.

The world of lightning protection is no exception. Unfortunately, the language of lightning protection installation can be a source of confusion for consumers and homeowners trying to decipher and understand the industry jargon.

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Haiti Project Call to Action!

…July 31, 2015

In 2012 the St. Helen’s Home and Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs “Our Little Brothers and Sisters” Orphanage (NPFS)  reached out to the lightning protection industry for assistance after lightning strikes repeatedly damaged the ovens and computers that the facility relies upon for their daily activities.  The NPFS facility is located on top of the Kenscoff mountain range at an elevations of over 5000 ft. 

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Public Reminded about Dangers of Lightning and Surge Protection Limitations

…During National Electrical Safety Month, LPI raises awareness for lightning, an overlooked electrical hazard

HARTFORD, Conn., May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — May is National Electrical Safety Month and the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is joining the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to raise awareness about the importance of electrical safety—including lightning, an underrated and often forgotten electrical hazard.

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It’s Thunderstorm Season and Time to Separate Fact from Fiction about Lightning Protection!

…Myths continue to abound about lightning and the science of lightning protection. It’s not always easy to know the facts when misinformation is circulated on the internet and through social media. Now that thunderstorm season is in full swing, home and business owners can benefit from accurate information and reality reminders about lightning protection.

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Weather Gone Wild! Is Thundersnow (and Lightning) Making Your Winter More Frightening?

February 16, 2015 — It’s estimated that lightning strikes the United States over 20 million times each year. Given this amount of lightning activity, shouldn’t we expect… to see a little lightning and thunder in the dead of winter? Interestingly enough, weather reports across the country have tallied quite a few incidents of “thundersnow” (a rare weather phenomenon that brings the unusual combination of thunder, lightning and snow) this winter.

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