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Check out the Summer 2022 LPI Newsletter!

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* Technical Discussion: Equipotential Bonding and Surge Protection

* Most Innovative Design Awards

* Partnership Activity: iiBEC and AIA

* Upcoming Events and Colony Hardware Promotion for Members Only

See the collaboration and growth that’s happening in the lightning protection industry!…

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Most Innovative Design Award

The 2022 Residential Award is presented to Kent Key of Key Custom Homes.

The teamwork between Key Custom Homes and Bonded can be seen in the design and installation success with this custom home in Denton, Texas. Problem-solving and creativity with Key’s Project Manager were critical in determining efficient, inconspicuous routing/placement of the downleads and cables….

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Most Innovative Design Award

The first Most Innovative Design Award is presented to Sami Akkawi with Giovanetti Shulman Associates.

This award recognizes their collaboration, design and engineering efforts with Bonded Lightning Protection Systems on the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

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Introducing the LPI Most Innovative Design Awards for 2022

LPI Members – Who will you nominate?

The purpose of the Innovative Design Awards is to provide recognition to LPI Members and an outside individual or firm for their collaboration on the design and installation of a lightning protection system.  Awards are given to a person/firm that demonstrated early coordination with an LPI professional to design an innovative solution to improve the aesthetics of the lightning protection system on a noteworthy structure….

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“It’s Critical” Campaign

One lightning strike can stop everything – from a simple business transaction to a first responder being able to answer the call for an emergency in their community. 

This will be the Lightning Protection Institute’s new campaign to bring attention to the importance of lightning protection systems and how to access the resources needed to install a lightning protection system….

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The Double Check Initiative: August 23 – 27, 2021

The Lightning Protection Institute (“LPI”) will soon embark on the third-annual Double Check, a national initiative to remind property owners and the design/build communities to

✓ Have a lightning protection system. ✓ Have the system inspected.

Double Check takes place August 23 – 27 this year.

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Featured Member Contractor – Mr. Lightning

Since 1959, Mr. Lightning provides lightning protection and grounding services to the Colorado area.

The company’s industry knowledge is evidenced by its intricate design and installations on local projects like the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum, Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, Colorado Switchback Stadium, Colorado College Robson Arena, Pikes Peak Summit House, and many others….

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Occupied Roofs: Lightning Protection Systems

As seen in the February 2021 issue of IIBEC Interface Magazine

Lightning protection systems safeguard structures from one of the most violent forces of nature. While the principles of lightning protection were established more than 250 years ago by Benjamin Franklin, the design and installation of lightning protection systems continue to evolve in response to advances in science and changes in architectural design, construction materials, and building technology….

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Certification Revision Addendums

Changes made to a lightning protection system after it has been inspected and certified can void LPI-Inspection Program certification. Address this by applying for an authorized Master Installation Certificate Revision addendum.

Submit up to three minimal revisions per system within 90 days of the original certificate issuance by completing this application and submitting it to….

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Bolt & Shield – Winter 2020/2021

Did you see the latest edition of Bolt & Shield? In fairness, this is the first edition of the Lightning Protection Institute’s newsletter in the new format.

If you have not seen it, “pick it up” here.

Maybe the best news we can share is that, thanks to you, members and our advocates across north America, we have lots of good news to share….

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