Lightning Protection Institute Lightning Protection Institute

Board of Directors

Manufacturers’ Division

Tyler Baumert
  • A/C Lightning Protection
  • West Point, Nebraska
Evan Cripe
  • Independent Protection Company, Inc.
  • Goshen, Indiana
Mark Harger
  • Harger, Inc.
  • Grayslake, Illinois
Mark Hendricks
  • DEHN, Inc.
  • Fort Pierce, Florida
Heath Howe
  • allG Fabrication
  • Argyle, Texas
Mark Morgan
  • East Coast Lightning Equipment, Inc.
  • Winsted, Connecticut
Blake Perrault
  • Lagpro
  • Lacombe, LA
Kirk Partridge
  • VFC Lightning Products, Inc.
  • North Salt Lake, Utah
Ken Pettlon, Sr.
  • Preferred Lightning Protection, Inc.
  • Maryville, Missouri
David Robbins
  • Robbins Lightning, Inc.
  • Maryville, Missouri
Jeff Steffes
  • Thompson Lightning Protection, Inc.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
Ray Stripling
  • nVent/ERICO
  • Solon, Ohio

Contractors’ Division

Patrick Dillon
  • Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Inc.
  • Jupiter, Florida
Lance Flemming
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Naples, Florida
George Portfleet
  • Michigan Lightning Protection Inc.
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
Philip E. Youtsey
  • Guardian
  • Novi, Michigan

Professionals’ Division

John Tobias
  • Electro Quest, LLC
  • Oxford, PA

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