Lightning Protection Institute Lightning Protection Institute


Master Installer Series

This series of examinations is offered to individuals involved in the installation or sale of product for lightning protection systems (LPI company membership categories: Affiliate, Dealer/Contractor, Manufacturer, and Associate/Supplier). Testing qualifies an individual on the requirements of the Standards. The series consists of two exams to reach the level of Journeyman Installer (JI); two additional exams to reach Master Installer certification (MI); and one additional exam to become certified as a Master Installer/Designer (MID). Two hours are allowed for the testing with the exception of Master Installer 1 and Master Installer 2 which allow 2 1/2 hours.

Designer Inspector Series

Professional Division members of LPI may choose to qualify to the individual certification of Designer Inspector (DI) of lightning protection systems through a separate examination process geared toward technical assessment of design criteria. The series consists of two 2-hour examinations.