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Design/build, insurance and risk management, and the legislature are specific arenas of consequence where LPI advocates establishing national consensus codes that mandate lightning protection and grounding systems.

Within these arenas, Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers exemplify partners we cultivate.

3% to 5% of all commercial insurance claims involve lightning.

Lightning damage is a reliably preventable occurrence.

Properly designed, installed, inspected and certified lightning protection and grounding systems almost entirely mitigate this clear risk to policyholders and the public. These systems and the professionals who design and install them are easily sourced nationwide.

Many LPI member companies are decades and sometimes generations old. The quality of their work is long established with some of the largest companies in the U.S. and Canada. LPI members’ customers include:

Residential lightning protection systems are found in some of the nation’s poshest communities, from Palm Beach to Austin, Aspen and Martha’s Vineyard, to Manhattan and Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive, and more than a few private islands.

Designed properly, the lightning protection and grounding systems blend seamlessly with a structures’ aesthetic.


At approximately less than 1% of new construction’s cost, lightning protection and grounding systems are economical, prudent and proven life-safety systems.

Premium discounts incentivize use of other life-safety, building and construction systems, methods and materials.

They include:

  • Construction materials
  • Sprinklers
  • Roof upgrades
  • Fire alarms (with central monitoring)

Insurable lightning damage can include wrongful death, fire and resulting degradation, interruption and destruction of essential Electronic Infrastructure (EI).