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The Case

People make the best case for lightning protection and grounding systems as code-enforced life-safety systems.

Over the last two decades lightning is second only to floods for deadly weather. Nearly 10% of all those struck, die.

Nearly $1 billion in lightning claims was paid out in 2018 to almost 78,000 policy holders.

Lightning injury manifests in a variety of life-threatening occurrences. In every instance the property owner is potentially liable.

Electronic Infrastructure (EI) is the term we use. No single phrase describes all the systems within a structure dependent upon electrical supply.

The consequences of systems failure range from inconvenient to irreparable.

Direct Strikes

High fatality rates.

Contact Injury

Victim touching object when struck.

Side Flashes

Lightning current jumps from taller, struck object to nearby victim.


Electrical fires begin anywhere and travel quickly.

$1.7 trillion in data was lost in one year alone. Lightning is a direct threat to data.