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Contractor – Larson Lightning Protection, Inc.

Through three generations of Larson’s and two generations of Adelmann’s, commitment to the highest industry standards remains at the core of this LPI Member Contractor. They pride themselves on attention to detail and quality workmanship which was needed for the installation on this Gothic-Revival style, historic barn in Central PA (The Star Barn).

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Manufacturer – Thompson Lightning Protection, Inc.

Trusted to Protect since 1910.

Thompson strives for continual improvement to bring the industry the highest quality components and customer service. Their manufacturing processes provide flexibility to produce custom components for unique design and/or specialty structures. Beyond manufacturing, they offer design and installation services for any type of structure or building.

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Most Innovative Design Award

The Pikes Peak Visitor Center, formerly the Summit House, stands at an altitude of 14,115 feet above sea level and can experience temperatures as low as -39 F.

This project showcases the collaboration of several experts to design and install a lightning protection system in an extreme environment. We commend Michael Riggs on his efforts to bring in a lightning protection expert early in the project to outline considerations and recommendations.

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Lightning protection and grounding systems are the final component systems in best-practiced electrical construction and structure envelope design.


Founded in 1955, the Lightning Protection Institute is the voice of lightning protection and grounding systems manufacturers and contractors.

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