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Contractor – VFC

VFC designs site-specific grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression, and lightning warning solutions for over 40 years.

Westgate Entertainment District: Glendale, AZ

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Contractor – Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd.

With nearly 70 years of experience, Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd.’s tight-knit, experienced team serves residential and commercial customers from 10 installation offices stationed throughout the Southern United States. A trusted provider to the hospitality industry, Team Bonded’s recent work includes complex systems designed, installed and LPI-IP inspected at Nashville’s Virgin Hotel, downtown Austin’s Marriott at Cesar Chavez Hotel and the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa in Alabama.

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Manufacturer – LAGPRO

An innovator in the lightning protection parts industry, LPI Featured Member Manufacturer LAGPRO strives to make the parts purchase process as customer-focused as possible through 24/7 online ordering, efficient shipping procedures, and inventory built to reflect customer feedback.

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Warren Lightning Rod Company

Lightning protection and grounding systems are the final component systems in best-practiced electrical construction and structure envelope design.

Founded in 1955, the Lightning Protection Institute is the voice of lightning protection and grounding systems manufacturers and contractors.

Hicks Lightning Protection

LPI advances the quality and value of members’ work throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Working closely with the design/build, insurance and risk management sectors, LPI advocates establishing national consensus codes that mandate lightning protection and grounding systems across occupancies.

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