Weather-Ready Ambassadors Can be a “Force of Nature” for Lightning Preparedness!

lightningheadlinespicMarch 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassador initiative and more than 1,300 Ambassadors have shared stories of how they’re helping to build a weather-ready nation. The WRN Ambassador initiative is NOAA’s effort to recognize partners who are working to improve the nation’s “readiness, responsiveness, and overall resilience against extreme weather, water and climate events.”

LPI was happy to weigh-in to share industry success stories about our lightning protection and lightning safety initiatives. And we were happy to see links to our success stories included in a recent WRN Newsletter that shared updates about our “Building Lightning Safe Communities” efforts.

LPI’s commitment as a WRN Ambassador means that we are working hard to improve resilience against the lightning threat–which is often underrated in terms of severe weather concerns. The WRN initiative asks its Ambassadors to assist in minimizing the effects of natural disasters by taking the following actions:

* Promote WRN messages and themes to stakeholders
* Engage with NOAA personnel on potential collaboration opportunities
* Share success stories of preparedness and resiliency
* Serve as an example by educating re: preparedness
* Serve as a “change agent and leader” in the community

LPI will be heeding the WRN call to action next week at its 83rd Annual Lightning Protection Conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville. Industry members will participate in educational programs, speaker presentations and moderated breakout sessions that will provide professional enrichment and many, many opportunities for collaboration. Attendees will hear and see examples of lightning protection case studies, partner reports, important scientific findings and evidence of how LPI’s “Building Lightning Safe Communities” initiative is making a difference to improve lightning safety and reduce lightning losses in communities across the nation.

Unlike other weather perils, lightning knows few geographic boundaries and is a leading storm-related hazard responsible for too many unnecessary deaths and injuries and an excess of preventable property losses. The 83rd Annual LPI/ULPA Lightning Protection Conference will provide a forum for attendees to learn how they can Be a Force of Nature by understanding the lightning risk, taking action, spreading education and serving as an Ambassador example!

So let’s get ready to be a force in Nashville!
Y’all ready for this?