Thunderstorms Hit Q1 Record in the U.S.

Will 2017 receive a five-star ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡rating for lightning losses in the U.S.?

It seems those March winds and April showers may have ushered in more than spring flowers for many property owners across the country. According to new statistics shared by partners at the Insurance Information Institute, U.S. insurance and reinsurance markets have seen record costs from losses due to thunderstorms and convective weather. With $5.7 billion losses cited, the first-quarter of 2017 has seen more than its fair share of stormy skies–and for many parts of the country, it’s not even officially lightning season yet!  In terms of costly weather, you could say that 2017 may be deserving of a “five-lightning bolt” rating.

The good news? While lightning is often a leading threat associated with thunderstorms and tornado conditions, property losses associated with this weather peril can be minimized, if not eliminated through the implementation of safety Standard-compliant lightning protection systems (LPS). This is another reason why LPS has become increasingly important for the building process, as planners and businesses continue to emphasize sustainability and resilience in design and construction. In an era where technology, delivery methods and construction science are evolving at such a lightning-fast pace, specifying LPS is a recognized part of the best practice risk management approach.

Looking to learn more? Architects and Engineers are urged to visit LPI’s A&E portal for important “Build & Protect” materials and information. Property owners may want to visit LPI’s learning center for videos and resources to see how lightning protection systems are helping to reduce structural losses in the U.S.