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Lightning rods are only one element in a complete system. LPI and its members specify complete lightning protection and grounding systems. They protect a structure’s unique vulnerabilities and critical systems.

Bonded Lightning (FL)

Lightning protection and grounding systems are the final component systems in best-practiced electrical construction and structure envelope design. These systems are only as good as their design.

Properly trained and resourced contractors conduct a critical uses and vulnerabilities analysis, encompassing the NFPA 780 risk assessment analysis and report, addressing a structure’s total exposure. NFPA 780 is the American standard for lightning protection systems. Design follows discovery.

Hicks Lightning Protection

Quality components are the backbone of system function. LPI member manufacturers have established and uphold the highest standards of quality system design and fabrication. They drive innovation that improves design and contractors’ efficiency in the field.

Non-Compliant Systems

“Charlatan,” non-compliant systems are experiencing a resurgence. Long debunked products and subscriber services are again being aggressively marketed to homeowners, and companies of every size.

These systems purport to offer the same life-safety and electronic infrastructure protections as properly designed, installed, and LPI-IP inspected and certified lightning protection and grounding systems. They do not.

At best they offer a false sense of security. At worst they potentially expose property owners to avoidable liability.