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Save the Date: ULPA/LPI 2022 Annual Conference

The 2021 annual conference has been postponed to February 2022 at La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio, TX.   

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Featured Contractor: ALP Systems, Inc.

From mountaintop homes to complex manufacturing plants, ALP Systems provides engineered solutions, on-site consulting, and certified master designer designs to lightning protection customers for more than 30 years. Most recently, the lightning protection system installed on the Birmingham Airport Rental Car Facility evidences ALP’s commitment to “doing it right the first time.”

📞 800.603.2579…

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Featured Manufacturer: LAGPRO

An innovator in the lightning protection parts industry, LPI Featured Member Manufacturer LAGPRO strives to make the parts purchase process as customer-focused as possible through 24/7 online ordering, efficient shipping procedures, and inventory built to reflect customer feedback.

Shop their complete line of products at
📞 985.882.2984…

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Featured Contractor: BASE Lightning Protection

BASE Lightning Protection provided these North GA residents, located in the rural community of Alpharetta, with an LPI-IP certified lightning protection system. This system, which includes surge suppression, is composed of copper components adhered to the roof system to minimize roof penetrations and the potential for leaks in the future.

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Lightning Protection Institute Announces National “Double Check” Initiative

The Lightning Protection Institute (“LPI”) today announced its annual national initiative:

Double Check: âś“ Have a lightning protection system. âś“ Have the system inspected and certified.

Double Check will take place the last week of August each year. This year, August 24 – 28, the LPI and its members will focus national attention on the criticality of lightning protection systems as essential electronic infrastructure and centuries old life safety application….

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Featured Contractor: A/C Lightning Protection

Beginning in 1978, LPI Featured Member Contractor A/C Lightning Protection has manufactured, designed, installed and serviced lightning protection systems for the country’s largest corporate entities, industrial sites, one off and unique structures, as well as luxury residential, equine and agricultural properties.

The Nebraska-based team boasts a 100% certified project portfolio, including the new Iowa State University Student Innovation Center….

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Featured Manufacturer: IPC

Family owned since the 1920s, LPI Featured Member Manufacturer Independent Protection Co. (IPC) offers a complete line of American-made lightning protection material to support a comprehensive suite of LPI-certified design and engineering services.

Whether you are a commercial or residential contractor, or an architect, engineer or designer, IPC stands ready to assist you with your lightning protection requirements….

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Featured Contractor: Warren Lightning Rod Company

Founded in 1950, LPI Featured Member Contractor Warren Lightning Rod Company is a team of tenured professionals that includes one of the nation’s largest groups of LPI Certified Master Installers. WLRC installers’ average tenure is in excess of 20 years.

In more than 14,000 installations, predominately across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, they’ve earned their reputation for uncommon competency when delivering lightning protection systems and solution design to clients like the Delaware Art Museum….

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Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2020: “The Week for Distinction”

Since 2001, National Lightning Safety Awareness Week has drawn attention to what the National Lightning Safety Council calls the “underrated killer.” Lightning has earned its fierce reputation.

The distinction between lightning safety and lightning protection systems is an important one. Lightning safety includes individual actions like sheltering during storms.

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Featured LPI Member Content As Seen in Detroit Design Magazine

All home tech shares one operational reality—the requirement for uninterrupted electrical current. Leave this to chance and leave everything to chance.

A custom-designed, installed, inspected and certified Guardian lightning protection system leaves nothing to chance.

Read Full Article, “Something’s Left to Chance,” in Detroit Design Magazine.

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