Mitigation Partners Team-Up for “Protect Your Home in a FLASH” Video to Help Educate Homeowners about Reducing Dangerous and Costly Lightning Losses

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week Underscores Hazard of Lightning to Life and Property

Maryville, MO – June 25, 2015 — The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting lightning safety, awareness and education has teamed up with the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)® to produce a new segment for the Protect Your Home in a FLASH video series. The video, narrated by former CNN Bureau Chief John Zarrella and produced by FLASH and CDB Productions, Inc., emphasizes the costly and often dangerous problems lightning can cause for homeowners and explains how lightning protection systems can help mitigate against this common, yet often underrated weather threat.

“We are excited to add this lightning protection segment to our current Protect Your Home in a FLASH video series,” said FLASH president and CEO, Leslie Chapman-Henderson. “With topics including earthquake mitigation, flooding, hurricane preparedness and more, lightning mitigation is a necessary and valuable consumer education tool.”

The four minute video is being released in conjunction with annual Lightning Safety Awareness Week, to provide information about lightning’s destructive nature and combat misconceptions about the common weather peril. Lightning associated with thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes can pose a variety of problems for homes and buildings. Lightning’s extreme electrical energy can induce destructive power surges through home circuitry and appliances, burn holes in CSST gas piping, explode brick and roofing materials and ignite deadly home fires. For homeowners who don’t want to play the odds with lightning, a professional installed lightning protection system is a viable solution.

“Against the backdrop of lightning fires responsible for destroying the homes of Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island in 2011 and most recently, Lou Holtz’s property in Orlando, LPI is seizing Lightning Safety Awareness Week to remind homeowners of the important role lightning protection systems can play in preventing property loss from a common weather concern,” said Kim Loehr, director of communications for LPI.

The Protect Your Home in a FLASH video reveals how a lightning protection system provides a low-resistance network to safely intercept lightning’s harmful electricity and direct it to ground without impact to the structure or occupants. The video also includes a homeowner testimonial and important consumer information including guidelines for ensuring lightning protection materials and installation methods comply with national safety standards.

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 About the Lightning Protection Institute

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is a not-for-profit, nationwide group founded in 1955 to promote lightning safety, awareness and education and is a leading resource for lightning protection and system requirements. Visit the LPI website at for more information about lightning protection system requirements and how to locate a LPI-certified installer in your area.


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