Why Join LPI?

There are many benefits of your company becoming a member of the Lightning Protection Institute.

A major benefit is the increased sales generated as a result of your listing on this website. Residential and commercial consumers logon 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find qualified installers in their area to contact for their lightning protection needs. One of our LPI members, who tracks all incoming calls, received over 100 calls in one year from persons who obtained their contact information from our website.

As a new member of LPI, your company will also receive the latest edition of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 780 Standard and the latest copy of the LPI-175 Standard of Practice for the Design, Installation & Inspection of Lightning Protection Systems. Both of these books are used by installers to study for our certification tests. And, our informative Flash Notes newsletters and Tech Letters will keep you up to date on the latest in the industry.

Each year, the LPI co-sponsors an Annual Conference where experts in the field of lightning research, lightning protection and other areas of interest to businesses operating in today’s ever changing economy present information to you and your employees. As a company member of the LPI, you and your employees will receive discounted conference rates.

Another great benefit of LPI membership is the discount you will receive on certification tests for you and all your employees if you become a company member. Each person will receive a 50% discount when taking our Certification Tests (2 tests to become a Journeyman Installer; 2 additional tests to become a Master Installer and 1 test to become a Master Installer Designer). These certifications show consumers that you have a high level of knowledge about this specialized trade and can properly design and install lightning protection systems to protect their lives and property. In fact, many project specifications now require the lightning protection system be installed by an LPI Master Installer. The LPI has several membership categories for companies.