Professional Division

If you are interested in lightning safety and do not work for an installation company (i.e. engineer, architect, scientist, government agency employee, insurance representative, educator), you may apply for membership in our Professional Division. As a member of the Professional Division, your contact information will be listed on our website.

Also, persons in the Professional Division are eligible to take our “Designer Inspector Test Series” – 2 tests that will certify you as a Designer Inspector (DI). This certification is available to enhance your credentials by showing a high level of proficiency in lightning protection. Owners looking for risk assessment, inspection services, etc. from qualified individuals may contact you as a certified LPI Designer Inspector. You determine the charges for your services.

You will receive regular updates on the lightning protection industry through our Flash Notes newsletters and LPI Tech Letters, and you will receive a member discount when attending our LPI co-sponsored Annual Conference where experts present information useful to the industry.

Click here to apply.