Affiliate Member

Companies who design and install lightning protection systems may apply for Affiliate membership. If you are a company applying for membership and do not currently employ a LPI Master Installer or Master Installer Designer, you will be applying for membership in this category.

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Dealer/Contractor Member

When an employee of an Affiliate member becomes certified as an LPI Master Installer, the company automatically moves from the Affiliate category to our Dealer/Contractor category. Or, when your company joins the LPI, if you have an employee who is already a Master Installer or a Master Installer Designer, you will be placed in the Dealer/Contractor category.

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Companies who produce a full line of materials used in lightning protection systems may join as Manufacturers.

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Companies who provide materials to Manufacturers, Affiliates and/or Dealer/Contractors join our Suppliers Division.

Due to the limited number of applicants in the Supplier Category, please call the LPI office at 800-488-6864 for additional information on how to apply.


*Probationary Members: In accordance with LPI Bylaws, all LPI members involved in lightning protection installation are required to provide three (3) system certifications (either/or UL 96A Master Label or LPI-IP Master Certificate) with payment of yearly dues. LPI members not providing the required lightning protection system certifications are deemed “PROBATIONARY” and are noted as such on the LPI website.