LPI & the CE Academy are Bringing Continuing Education & Networking to a City Near You!

Check Out Our 2019 Schedule of Lightning Protection Continuing Ed Enlightenment!

Looking to learn more about Lightning Protection Continuing Education in a Lunch & Learn setting? The LPI is partnering with the Lightning Safety Alliance (LSA) and the CE Academy to bring the Lightning Protection 101 (LSA 101) course to your doorstep!

ce academy

In each one day event, the CE Academy provides 4-8 hours of AIA-registered CE courses, including breakfast and lunch! For your convenience, the CE Academy also issues certificates of completion and reports AIA credits for every event. The LSA 101 Lightning Protection session is a one-hour course which includes a review of proper lightning protection system design and application as conforming with NFPA and UL lightning protection requirements.  LSA 101 participants receive (1) AIA HSW /LU credit.

The CE Academy has scheduled the following LSA 101 sessions for 2019:
3/6/19 Atlanta, GA – LPI/LSA Sponsored Workshop (closed/complete)
3/9/2019 San Antonio, Texas (closed/complete)
4/11/2019 Boston, Mass (closed/complete)
4/23/2019 Detroit, MI (closed/complete)
5/2/2019 Oklahoma City, OK (closed/complete)
5/21/2019 Nashville, TN (closed/complete) 
5/23/2019 Lexington, KY (closed/complete) 
6/13/2019 Kansas City, KS (closed/complete)
8/1/2019 Toronto, Ontario, Canada (closed/complete)
8/13/2019 Harrisburg, PA (closed/complete)
8/20/2019 Cincinnati, OH (closed/complete)
8/29/2019 Albuquerque, NM (closed/complete)
9/24/2019 Philadelphia, PA (closed/complete)
10/29/2019 Raleigh, N.C. (closed/complete)
 11/5/2019                                                                                                 NYC, NY  (closed/complete)                                                                                                                             

LSA 101 providers have have extensive knowledge of lightning protection methods and are actively involved in the lightning protection industry and its trade associations. Learning Objectives of the LSA 101 course include:

  1. Participants will gain a general understanding of how lightning protection systems work including the five essential elements of effective lightning protection systems.
  2. At the end of the program participants will be aware of the considerations that should be made during project planning to specify effective, attractive and low-maintenance lightning protection systems for all types of structures.
  3. Provide project planners with a general understanding of lightning protection systems.
  4. Make planners aware of the five (5) essential elements of a lightning protection system.
  5. Identify the areas planners should consider when specifying lightning protection systems.
 Discounts are available for early registration, so visit the CE Academy website today for information about events, fees and program agendas.  For more information about the LSA 101 program, visit the Lightning Safety Alliance.