It’s Lightning Safety Awareness Week! Are you ready for thunderstorm season?

In support of national Lightning Safety Awareness Week, June 18-24, 2017

The NWS and NOAA launched the National Lightning Safety Awareness Week campaign in 2001 to raise awareness about the dangers of lightning, a deadly, yet underrated killer. The Lightning Protection Institute joined the campaign effort in 2007 as partners, to provide messaging about lightning protection for structures, and explain how safety Standard-compliant LPS can make safe places safer. Since the beginning of the campaign, lightning deaths in the U.S. have dramatically dropped. Unfortunately, property and structural losses due to lightning continue to rise.

In support of this year’s LSA Week campaign, June 18-24, LPI is emphasizing the importance of protecting people, property and places. Once again, we are partnering with the National Lightning Safety Council to encourage awareness and share information throughout the week on several topics:

  • Sunday: An Introduction to Lightning and Lightning Safety
  • Monday: The Science of Lightning and Thunder
  • Tuesday: Lightning Safety Outdoors
  • Wednesday: Lightning Safety Indoors
  • Thursday: Lightning Safety and Sports Activities
  • Friday: Medical Effects on Lightning Victims
  • Saturday: Protecting Your Home from Lightning

Help us build lightning safe communities by learning more about lightning’s dangers, and by sharing these important safety and protection resources! Finally, please remember to heed the advice of our pal and lightning safety ambassador, Lion the Lightning Lion: “When thunder roars, go indoors!”