2017 Annual Lightning Protection Conference in Houston, Texas

The 85th annual industry Conference will feature educational sessions, professional development, networking opportunities, golfing, social events and much more. LPI members, Mike Weir and Taylor Lightning Protection, are fixin’ to host a top-notch Texas event, so we hope to see you there!
What: 85th Annual LPI/ULPA Lightning Protection Conference
When: February 8-10, 2017
Where: The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center 
How: Toll-Free Reservation Center: 800-433-2624. Please mention booking code: “ULPA LPI Conference” when making reservations
Prepare Your Finny Award Entries! 

Don’t forget to ready your entries for the annual ULPA “Finny” Awards! These annual awards are the Oscars of the lightning protection world; recognizing outstanding achievement, originality and creativity in the industry. Three categories of competition (Promethean, Harvest and Promotional), provide several opportunities for industry members to showcase their innovation AND take home a Finny.  The ULPA office provides these specifics about each category of competition:

Promethean Award: Awarded for a new idea which is daringly original or creative. An idea that is “Promethean” (look it up!) in spirit or achievement. Previous winners include new bid tracking software and air terminal adjustment tools. 

Harvest Award: Awarded for an idea gleaned from your contacts with ULPA – perhaps the germ of the idea came from talking with another member, from something said at an annual conference, or from some other ULPA function. Previous winners include new fall arrest systems and original presentations of O&M manuals. 

Promotional Award: Awarded for the best promotion idea. Do you have a new idea of how to promote your company or lightning protection? Previous winners include smart phone cleaner advertisements, barbecue trucks, and even turkey deliveries! 

The countdown to Houston is here, so don’t delay. The 2017 Lightning Protection Conference will provide the tools and skills you’ll need to launch your most successful lightning season ever! Your competitors are making their plans to attend, so don’t be left out in the storm!