“Building Lightning Safe Communities Haiti Project” Design Charrette to Brief Volunteer Team for Lightning Protection Mission

haiti logoMEDIA ADVISORY —  January 8, 2016 — Dania Beach, Florida

Project Will Provide Critical Relief to Kenscoff Orphanage Besieged by Lightning

Contact: Kimberly Loehr, LPI/LSA Communications Office / Phone: 804-314-8955 / Email: kiml@lightning.org  / Twitter: kimberly loehr@lightningkim

Who:  Lightning protection experts from the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) and the Lightning Safety Alliance (LSA):

Jennifer Morgan, Educational Coordinator, LSA

Mark Morgan, Lightning Protection Technical Committee, NFPA 780, LPI/LSA Board

Guy Maxwell, President, LSA, LPI Master Installer/Designer

Mitchell Guthrie, LPI Consulting Engineer/Technical Committee, NFPA 780

Haiti Project “Dream Team” of 10 Volunteer Lightning Protection Installers

What:   An all-day Lightning protection design charrette and team meeting to finalize plans to provide essential lightning protection systems for St. Helene’s Home Orphanage compound in Kenscoff, Haiti.

When:   Saturday, January 9, 2016,  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Where:  “Oak Meeting Room” SpringHill Suites, Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port, 151 Southwest 18th Court, Dania Beach, Florida 30004

Why:  For years, Haiti’s St. Helene’s Home (NPFS) and Orphanage has suffered repeated lightning strikes to its facility, which consists of 29 buildings on a 13-acre compound. Located 5000 ft. above sea level on the top of the highest point in the Kenscoff mountains, the compound is especially vulnerable to severe thunderstorms with frequent lightning posing serious safety concerns for the children—including many who are severely handicapped and disabled. Lightning has routinely destroyed life-sustaining electrical equipment, critical appliances, computers and lighting systems; while also threatening essential housing structures located on the premises. After four years of planning, a mission trip funded by LPI and LSA will depart for Haiti on 1/10/16 to install life-sustaining lightning protection systems for the orphanage’s critical buildings.

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is a not-for-profit, nationwide group founded in 1955 to promote lightning safety, awareness and education and is a leading resource for lightning protection information and system requirements. Visit www.lightning.org for more information.

 The Lightning Safety Alliance (LSA) is a nonprofit, national league of lightning prot4ection professionals and consumers dedicated to the promotion of lightning protection and lightning safety. Visit the LSA website at www.lightningsafetyalliance.org for more information.

St. Helene‘s Home and Orphanage in Haiti is home to over 400 children, hosting primary and secondary schooling on its property to provide education for its patrons and an additional 350 children from the Kenscoff community. The Kay Christine facility, also located inside the St. Helene’s complex, provides care and housing to over 30 children and adults with neurological conditions and special needs.  Visit https://www.nph.org/ws/homes/home.php?lang=en&haiti or https://nphspecialneedshaiti.com/ to learn more about the orphanage.