Advancing lightning safe communities as a Weather Ready Nation (WRN) ambassador

March 2018 marks the fourth anniversary of the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassador initiative launch and its effort to recognize community partners working to improving the nation’s “readiness, responsiveness and overall resilience against extreme weather, water and climate events.” The WRN initiative asks its Ambassadors to assist in minimizing the effects of natural disasters by taking the following actions:

LPI is helping to build lightning safe communities with fellow Weather Ready Nation (WRN) ambassadors, Owlie Skywarn and Leon the Lightning Safety Lion.

* Promote WRN messages and themes to stakeholders
* Engage with NOAA personnel on potential collaboration opportunities
* Share success stories of preparedness and resiliency
* Serve as an example by educating re: preparedness
* Serve as a “change agent and leader” in the community

As a WRN Ambassador, the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is committed to improving resilience against the lightning threat—often underrated among other severe weather concerns. Unlike other weather perils, lightning knows few geographic boundaries and is a leading storm-related hazard responsible for unnecessary deaths, debilitating injuries and an excess of preventable property losses. LPI’s recent efforts to help build lightning safe communities in the U.S. include:

  • Supporting more insurance incentives for safety-standard-compliant lightning protection systems (LPS).
  • Working to increase recognition of code and safety standard-compliant LPS.
  • Encouraging expanded risk assessment measures for the lightning hazard in the building development process.
  • Sharing “Building Lightning Safe Communities” initiative resources to improve safety for people, places and property.

Once again, LPI will heed the WRN call to action at next week’s 86th Annual Lightning Protection Conference in Singer Island, FL, where industry members will participate in education programs, scientific presentations, workshops and collaboration sessions designed to enlighten participants about various aspects of the lightning hazard. Attendees will also learn how LPI’s “Building Lightning Safe Communities” initiative is making a difference to improve lightning safety and reduce lightning losses in communities across the nation.

So, let’s get ready to be a force of nature in Singer Island and don our WRN Ambassador hats to listen and learn more about the lightning risk. Then, let’s take risk prevention a step further by serving as ambassadors to share enlightenment and help build lightning safe communities in our own cities and towns for 2018 and beyond!