LPI’s Mission

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) designs and develops information resources on complete lightning protection systems for consumers and specifiers. The organization markets education products to members for use in the construction industry. The focus is to develop the total market for lightning protection through promotion of National Standards with supporting loss data, experience from past design, and new information from research.

Organizational Values

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, and Standards authorities in the construction industry. LPI will foster a climate to encourage innovation and diligence for its Board of Directorsmembers, and contracted staff.


The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) will operate administrative offices. LPI programming will budget expenditures within revenue projections. LPI will contract with a management company for an Executive Director and staff positions, along with consultants for specialized functions. LPI will offer support services and products for member use to develop lightning protection in construction markets. LPI will be technically advanced and offer continuous improvements in programming. LPI will expand safety through growth of information services to decision makers and new contacts in the marketplace.

Organization Objectives

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) plans:

  1. To expand information to potential consumers/users aggressively and offer member support services to further this effort.
  2. To become the leading authority on safety through complete lightning protection systems in the construction marketplace.
  3. To expand the size of the lightning protection market through education, additional specifications, and member revenues.