Press Releases

Document Name Date
Homeowners Encouraged... Download Apr 2013
LPI Press Release Download Apr 2013
LPI and NFPA Partner to Reduce Risks from Lightning Download Jun 2011
With Wildfires Raging, Governor Perry Proclaims Lightning Safety Awareness Week as Experts Kick-off Educational Initiative in Texas Download Jun 2011
ESFI and LPI Warn against Lightning's Underrated Dangers Download Jun 2011
NFPA Firefighter's Release Download Oct 2010
MNR News Release Download Oct 2010
Lightning Safety Awareness Week - Post Release Download Jun 2010
Lightning Safety Awareness Week - National Groups Partner Download Jun 2010
"Lightning Losses Real, Yet Preventable" Download Jun 2009
"Homes at Risk to Fires Sparked by Lightning" Download Oct 2008
"Lightning Strikes Again and Again" - I.I.I. Study Download Jun 2008
"Lightning Fires Linked to Gas Tubing" Download Jun 2007
"After the Lightning Strike-Hartford Finds Costs on the Rise" Download Sep 2006
"National Groups Partner to Promote Lightning Safety and Awareness" Download Jun 2006
"Awareness and Safety Urged About Underrated Dangers of Lightning" Download Jun 2006